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  1. About Me/

Work Experience

  1. Software Developer, Infotainment

    5/23 - Present

    General Motors, Software Defined Vehicle: Infotainment, Detroit, MI

    • Built an Android application in Java using the Android Automotive framework to allow developers and QA engineers to set vehicle signals and view their metadata quickly and easily.
    • Improved routine component test time by 95% and allowed engineers to more easily troubleshoot system issues.
    • Developed unit test suite to ensure project maintainability and aid application debugging.
    • Team utilized the Scaled Agile Framework using GitHub Git-based version control with JIRA issue tracking.

  2. Software Architecture Engineer

    8/22 – 5/23

    General Motors, Vehicle Intelligence Platform Execution Mechatronics, Detroit, MI

    • Completed various projects transitioning the company’s vehicle electrical architecture enabling Software Defined Vehicle rollout. Required acting upon and solving highly ambiguous problems.
    • Developed a cost-effective solution enabling modules to self-identify within the vehicle network. Employed data collection and comparison techniques across 7 designs to achieve optimal functionality.
    • Championed the development of an IO endpoint detection tool, aimed at slashing calibration generation time from hours to mere minutes. This innovation streamlined workflow efficiency and significantly accelerated vehicle integration processes.
    • Strategized how to decouple mechatronic C++ applications to enable more modular software updates.

  3. Software Integration Engineer

    1/22 – 8/22

    General Motors, Vehicle Data Hub Software Integration Team, Detroit, MI

    • Developed a Python-based tool to simulate data loss and visually demonstrate system constraints. The data generated influenced strategic decisions, advocating successfully for increased bandwidth allocation for the Vehicle Data Hub feature in discussions with executive leadership.
    • Collaborated closely with the development team to troubleshoot software changes using a test bench.

  4. Software Engineer Intern

    5/20 - 8/20

    Trantor Inc., Remote

    • Managed automated data acquisition side of NLP ML application to identify technical and soft skills required given a specific career dynamically sourced from a diverse set of web pages.
    • Wrote scripts to scrape text from various websites using Python’s Selenium framework.
    • Analyzed ambiguous data to discern which scraping algorithm / data source scheme was most effective.